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Kids and their Emotions!

I am seeing a continual increase in the number of kids attending me hear at Nutri Ki Health Studio in need of emotional support.

This covers all ages from new-born’s right through to teens whom are presenting with trauma, anxieties, fears, OCD to name a few. I work with these kids to try get to the route of the issue and work through the emotion involved.

Day to day stresses and trauma impact our kid’s emotional health from in utero right through life. The earlier we support a child’s emotional body the better chance we give them at life.

Top tips to help support your child emotionally:

Create a sense of belonging – Positive, strong relationships help children feel connected and helps with self-identification and sense of trust in themselves and in others.

Promote resilience – teach self-care, set goals, be positive and have a routine

Ensure a positive, safe environment – feeling safe encourages expression of feelings

Encourage helping others – this improves social interaction and self esteem and distracts one from one’s own problems

Encourage good physical health – relieves stress, improves sleep, positively impacts on mood


Kids need love, affection, one on one time, friendship, to succeed and to do what they love! Give your kids a little extra of one of these today!

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