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About Yvonne

Specialising in Kinesiology, Nutrition and Homeopathy since 2011

Founder of Nutri Ki, Yvonne McLaughlin BSc (Hons). Dip Kin. LCPH has been a practicing homeopath and kinesiologist since 2011. She completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Ulster and obtained a Diploma in Kinesiology from the Kinesiology College of Ireland. Yvonne later qualified as a homeopath, having successfully completed her Licentiate with The College of Practical Homeopathy.

In 2011, Yvonne opened Nutri Ki Health Studio in Buncrana, which specialises in kinesiology, nutrition and homeopathy. At Nutri Ki, Yvonne works in partnership with her clients to find the root cause of their health problems. She helps them to seek out and identify the primary cause of their symptoms, overcome challenges in their wellness field and nurture and empower them to live their life with comfort, reassurance, and strength.

A firm believer in life-long learning, Yvonne regularly undertakes continual professional development workshops to keep up to date with the latest advances in her field. 

Holistic Approach

Nutri Ki Health Studio offers complementary medicine and therapies which effectively work alongside conventional medicines. Yvonne encourages and enables clients to take a more holistic approach to their lifestyle, fully involving them in all decisions relating to their treatment plan. Her primary concern is to provide a system of healthcare that addresses the whole person, while also working towards the prevention of illness. Yvonne’s end goal is to help her clients develop awareness of their overall health, so they can live a more energetic and joyous life.

Helping you to Help Yourself

Since 2011