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Welcome to 
Nutri Ki Health Studio
Established 2011

Welcome to
Nutri Ki Health Studio

Yvonne McLaughlin, BSc (Hons) Dip Kin. LCPH
Specialised Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Homeopath

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At Nutri Ki, we believe in a strong connection between our health, mind, body and spirit.

Through the practice of kinesiology, homeopathy, and nutrition we seek to restore the body to optimum health and wellness. We aim to achieve this by treating each individual patient as a whole being, rather than only focusing on specific symptoms.

We work on the emotional, nutritional and structural elements of the body to achieve our primary aim of identifying the root cause of each symptom.

Nurturing the Whole Self

At Nutri Ki, we nurture the whole person, because we believe the body is made up of interdependent parts, and if one part is out of balance or not working properly, all other parts are affected. 

Do you need more energy?

Are you are stuck in a negative life pattern?

Do you feel tired and lack motivation?

Are you anxious, emotional or dealing with grief?

Kinesiology and homeopathy can help you to nurture your whole being.

Inside the Clinic


Find the Answer

The first session lasts approximately one hour and will begin with a brief history. Yvonne will begin muscle testing in order for your body to feed back information on what imbalances are occurring. Corrections will be made, and recommendations suggested on self-help techniques, diet, lifestyle and nutrition as required.

It is not necessary to attend many sessions before experiencing an improvement; it varies depending on the conditions presented. No two consultations are ever the same, therefore each appointment is designed for your individual needs.

Yes, kinesiology and homeopathy are suitable for all age groups from birth onwards including in pregnancy and for newborns.

Nutri Ki Health Studio is located at 11 Milltown Business Park, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, F93 HK40. We are just 30 minutes from Derry City and 40 minutes from Letterkenny. See the map below and click here for directions.


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